Diversity Club

Maria Carrasco, Reporter

Due to inclement weather, Diversity Club’s annual Martin Luther King Assembly was cancelled. The big extravaganza is now a small get together for all students, families, and friends. Since they couldn’t share their hard work and planning with the entire school, diversity club members instead planned a get together for Saturday, April 13.

Members are sad that they won’t be able to perform to the entire school but are doing their best to make this situation work.

Break dancing takes an art form in diversity club. With intricate routines and difficult beats members work their hardest to get it perfect.

First, the step team starts off slowly, viewers waiting with anticipation. The club members dance with arm flailing and hips gliding, using their entire bodies, sweating during every move.

Every year Diversity Club has a huge MLK/Club Assembly to honor Martin Luther King but to also bring attention to the students’ ethnicity. Diversity Club works endless hours throughout January and February so everything goes as planned.
This year during the assembly will include two performances of a Pow-Wow and one
performance from Step Team. The type of dancing is hip-hop and reggae.

The planning for this assembly starts first semester with the meshing of ideas. It’s not until 2nd semester until the actual routines start. “We try to solidify what we want to happen or what kind of theme we want to have” club supervisor Cris Hunt said.

Members meet each Wednesday, thinking and looking up routines, and then putting it all together. Practice gets tedious and club members often go by the old phrase “practice makes perfect”.

“Everyone practices at their own level” senior Alex Holm said when describing practice methods.

Diversity Club goes to all this trouble for a reason though. Diversity Club is filled with kids from all over the world whom are proud of their nationality and want to share it with the school.

“The most important thing is just to show how diverse this school is, just to show off what kind of things each cultures does” senior Ruth Maina said. As ESL (english as a second language) teacher, Cris Hunt feels a duty to open the school to new cultures. Thus, her devotion to Diversity Club.

Even though the original plans were scratched, Diversity Club and Step Team show their dedication as they plan for this performance.