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Club Profile: Ascent

Club Profile: Ascent

January 9, 2019

The Force is Strong with this Club

kenneth palmer, reporter

September 14, 2013

Information: The Star Wars Club meets only on block Thursdays in instructor Lynne Renick’s room, Room 140. Leaders: A council of eight administers the club, including president Cooper Hicks, vice president Brandon Bunting, Te...

Same Club But a Different Name

amani safadi

September 21, 2010

Can We Talk means more to its members than clubs usually do. It provides a venue for students to de-stress and discuss important issues. For many students this club might not sound familiar because last year this club was known...

Losing Tradition

emma machell

January 13, 2010

The role of StuCo is to introduce new ideas and programs into the building, according to their sponsor Jason Springer.  However, StuCo is giving up responsibility for many of the activities they planned in the past and putting them in th...

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