Francesco Robuschi

When did you arrive in Kan.? I think it was on New year.  The first of January

So far, since you’ve been here, what are the biggest differences you’ve experienced? Oh you don’t want to know… Oh, gosh.  Food. Food food food food. The people.  The people are different, very different.

How are the people different?  That’s a difficult question… They are very friendly.  I don’t know why they’re different.  They’re just different.  I don’t know.  It’s just a feeling.

What is something interesting about you? Something interesting about me? I’m a foreign exchange student.  I don’t know.  You tell me?  I have no idea.  I’ve never thought about it.

What are your hobbies? In the field of sports I’m retired.  I’m completely retired. I used to play volleyball like 5 years ago, and then I quit.  I haven’t done anything after that.  I used to go to the gym, weight lifting to keep in shape.

Do you do music? Yeah, I like music.  I love music. Any kind of music.  As long as the song is good, I listen to it.

What are your favorite songs or bands? Mackelmore.  I love Mackelmore. I actually like Katy Perry, I don’t know why.  I started listening to her last month.  I like her.  I don’t really have a favorite singer besides Mackelmore.  I just listen to songs and songs.

Have you been listening to more American music? Yeah.  I would say only American music.  I don’t like Italian music.  Italian music is not good. Don’t listen to it.  Just don’t do it.

What are you involved in in Free State? For now, nothing. I would say nothing.  But I’m planning to join the cupcake club.  In the spring I wanted to play golf, but I don’t know.  I’ve golfed like two times in Italy, and I probably won’t get in the team.  I was thinking about being a team manager for the baseball team because I’ve been the team manager for the football and basketball team in the school I went to in the first semester, so I like it.

Where were you first semester? In Omaha.

Did you like it there? Yeah, it was cool.  It was different. Worse than here, trust me.

You like this better? Yes. It’s way better.

Why do you like it better? I don’t know.  It’s more quiet.  And the building there was designed for I think like 1500 people and there were about 2400, so it’s like overcrowded and I don’t know.  There were weird people…. weird things happening. No I don’t want to think about it.

How many different places have you stayed in America?  I’ve lived in Nebraska and Kansas.  I’ve been to Iowa, Ohio, to Missouri, I’ve been to… Illinois I’ve been there…. South Dakota… Arizona.

Have you watched any sports here? Yeah. Oh, no, KU.  I haven’t really watched any KU game. I don’t really like basketball. I like it but if I choose out of all those sports I wouldn’t choose basketball.  I like other sports better, like football. I watch a lot of football.  I don’t have any favorite team. I just watch the sport.