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If You Really Knew Me…

allison h and allison m

November 9, 2010

From “Mean Girls” to “The Breakfast Club”, stereotypes are the backbone of almost every teen movie. For the most part, high school students in these movies fall into one stereotype, and they fulfill that stereotype completely. Stereotypes are a natural part of high school. As teenagers, we ar...

Students Excel on PSAT

kim carter and kim carter

November 9, 2010

Everyone knows that Free State has its fair share of unique and smart students. From the debate team to the sports teams, the fine arts to the diverse clubs, the school is full of gifted kids. But recently two students’ academic ingenuity has given them honors. Senior Paige Robinson, a...

The Secret Life of the American Father

October 19, 2010

Girls, get pregnant in high school, and your life is over. According to the CDC 50% of girls who become pregnant between the ages of 15 and 19 will not have a high school diploma by the time they are 22. This message has been received, but the public seems to forget about the dads. Teenage fathers...

What Has Stuco Been Doing?

allison morte

October 19, 2010

After the controversy last year, Student Council has made its transition from Stuco’s traditional role to its new, consolidated job which has changed how school activities are run and what Stuco has been doing in class this year. Despite previous criticism, Stuco members say it has been effectiv...

Guests of Honor

emma machell

October 13, 2010

           Usually the start of the year involves new classes, new teachers, new school books, etc. but for some students that’s not all that’s new. They ready their house for the new school year, fixing up their guest bedroom or cleaning up their bathroom for a year-long visitor. “[Rebek...

1 in 1000: Erin Riley

September 24, 2010

For every student Free State is at some point new, new building, new teachers, new social groups; but for junior Erin Riley starting at a new school is nothing new. Riley’s family moved to Lawrence this summer from Republic of Georgia. “I’ve grown up in a military family, so I’ve moved around...

Courting Change

miranda davis

September 23, 2010

Traditions are important to the high school experience. Yet every once in a while a tradition, even one as vital to high school as Homecoming, needs some alterations. During this year’s Homecoming nominations, some students sought to change the tradition and expand the ballot. “Kids in special...

Tears, Sprains, And Boo-Boos

chris allmon

September 22, 2010

Torn muscles, ripped ligaments, and dislocated appendages are only a few of the injuries Free State athletes have sustained mere weeks into the year. Junior Tim Turner re-injured his shoulder on September 13th while doing tackling drills at football practice. Last year, Turner did the original damage...

Same Club But a Different Name

amani safadi

September 21, 2010

Can We Talk means more to its members than clubs usually do. It provides a venue for students to de-stress and discuss important issues. For many students this club might not sound familiar because last year this club was known as Courageous Conversations. Since Courageous Conversations was a name...

We’re Going To Need A Bigger Course

chris allmon

September 21, 2010

If there is strength in numbers, this year’s cross country team has strength in surplus. The Free State cross country team is the largest it’s ever been. With over 80 members, the team has more than doubled from its almost 40 runners last year. The cross country coaches have been trying to...

Behind The Walls

austin fisher, katherine corliss

September 21, 2010

As only a single part of the myriad people who have come and gone through the Free State doors for the past 13 years, one rarely stops to consider how each unseen element of our school comes together to form a unified body. The many components of Free State not seen by students consist of dark rooms,...

All Things New

kim c

September 1, 2010

The applause was deafening. The teachers were cheering. The students were moaning. School had arrived. After last year’s budget cuts and class cuts, some departments found themselves a few staff members short. But the months of summer proved a sufficient time to hire new staff members. ...

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