1 in 1000: Erin Riley

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For every student Free State is at some point new, new building, new teachers, new social groups; but for junior Erin Riley starting at a new school is nothing new. Riley’s family moved to Lawrence this summer from Republic of Georgia.

“I’ve grown up in a military family, so I’ve moved around a lot. I have had to put up with speaking new languages, trying new foods, I’ve been to a lot of international schools,” Riley said.

But Riley feels this has had a positive impact on her life.

“I feel like I can go to a new place and it’s not scary because I can meet people without many problems and blend in well.”

Lawrence, however, is a change of pace for this world-traveler.

“This is so different from my old school. My last school had seven people in my sophomore year and one hallway, so I’m getting a little lost here. I’ve never been in an environment where I meet someone new every day.”

For Riley her love of musical theater makes it easy to fit into new places.

“I’m obsessed with theater. I am a singer, dancer and actress: it’s like oxygen to me.”

Riley is a member of Thespian Club, Women’s Choir and Black Box Theater. She hopes to one day be in a Broadway musical.

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