Seniors Moving Out….

amani safadi, managing editor

The major things on many high school students’ minds are school, after-school activities, friends and family, while certain students are now starting to think about paying for rent, getting jobs to help support themselves financially, and being on their own.

“I want to move out [second semester] so that it teaches me how to be more independent,” senior Hunter Peirce said.

Being independent and free can be the biggest reason to move out, but there are consequences of independence.

“It’s going to be cool to be able to make my own decisions, but it’s also going to be pretty tough having to handle my financial business,” senior Sean Cesare said.

Something that many seniors probably worry about is what their parents would say to moving out when they’re barely 18.

“My parents were a little shaky on the subject, but since I’m 18 I could technically [move out] if I wanted,” Peirce said.

Financial business is also a subject to talk about.

“Obviously my parents would be reluctant to help me financially because I made this decision, but if I really needed help they would,” Cesare said.

Peirce hopes to avoid asking his parents for financial help by getting a job.

“I was working at Bambino’s, but now I’m going to be delivering pizzas at Domino’s, and since I’m not going to school I’ll probably being working most of the time,” Peirce said.

Although not everyone moving out is fortunate enough to graduate at semester.

“I’m going to be in school the full year,” Cesare said. “It will be tough having to work while I’m in school, but hopefully I’ll be able to handle it.”

The living choices are also challenges that will make or break moving out.

“[Sean and I] haven’t made the decision where we want to live yet, but we we’re looking,” Peirce said.

It’s a big decision to make and while many seniors may find themselves ready to move out, others might not be.

“I think it depends on whether or not the person is ready or mature enough to handle the real world,” Peirce said. “I feel like I’m at the point in my life where I need to leave my parents and start doing my own thing.”