First Words of Fashion

kimberly messineo, reporter

The new year has made its entrance, and the fashion reports are in.  Neon colors and animal prints have been booted away, replaced by hats, neutral colors and flower prints.

According to the January 2012 issue of “Real Simple,” slippers are destined to be in this year. They aren’t the old house slippers that people wear around the house and the occasional trip to the grocery store, but more of a leather slipper that resembles some kind of dress shoe.

Accessories might be the highlight to a neutral-colored outfit, and there are many different options to decide between. One of these might be a decorated hair elastic, to replace the plain black elastic on girls’ wrists used for occasional hair emergencies.

Hair salons might be busy this year giving haircuts because short fringe hair and bangs are making a comeback. According to the 2012 hairstyles on, there are plenty of different styles for those with short hair.

But if short hair is not an option for some, then the style for those long locks is curls. Not necessarily the perfect, symmetrical curls that one might spend hours creating. These curls would be more like the soft, bouncy curls that are more laid-back.

This year, the guys will be experimenting with a new color. Rust is predicted to be a popular color: rust-colored shoes and jeans according to “Esquire.”

Along with rust, guys will also have the same earthy, neutral tones in their clothing that girls will be incorporating this year. The average pair of jeans will still be in, but there will be more colors to choose from.

The new year has begun and these new fashions will come and go. Only time will show what becomes of them.