Looking Back: Fashion 2011

sarah rohrschneider, reporter

From rompers to Sperrys to feathers on earrings and fringe boots, 2011 was a year of change and experimentation in fashion. Students have mixed opinions as far as to what they specifically liked and disliked.

“Sperrys were overpriced and everywhere,” senior Holly Johnston said. “They are ugly and look like safari shoes.”

Sperrys are usually tan, sturdy shoes, popularly worn by college and high school students, despite being pricey-usually around $70.

“I didn’t dig the girls who wore leggings as pants,” sophomore Eva Upman said.

“Either the lace or the feather [trends] were the best,” senior Evelyn Mandell said. “Maxi dresses were in too. Rompers don’t work on everybody.”

As “Vogue Magazine” puts it, minimalism and the vintage look were especially popular this year.

“Vintage sweaters and light cardigans were popular [among guys] this year,” junior Liam Inbody said. “I love flannels. They’re very comfortable and warm. I can wear them with whatever. There isn’t just one pair of jeans you have to wear them with.”

Minimalism in fashion means plain colored dresses and tops; sleek clothing, but simple. Pair a simple outfit with a long necklace or a belt, and this was considered “in.” For others, bright neon colors, animal prints, floral patterns and lace were more their 2011 style.

“As long as you don’t overdo [the lace], I really like it,” Johnston said.

A simple plaid or flannel shirt was the safe way to be fashionably “in” this year. But with experimenting through fashion comes self-expression. Dyed hair, and the edgy “punk” look of studs on accessories, clothing and combat boots raged.

“It is really exciting that the shorts, tights and boots combo that was popular in the ‘80s is coming back into fashion,” senior Hannah Stevens said. “If you go on Look Book, at least one girl will have a picture like that.”

“[Overall], I felt a rejection of pants this year,” Johnston said. “I started wearing more dresses and rompers.”

With a new year will come new fashion and trends. What will become of the patterned tights, feathers and lace will only be able to be told in time.