Lawrence Guide: Spring Concert Edition

Lawrence Guide: Spring Concert Edition

sam boatright, reporter

Ah, Spring. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, the bands are rocking.

The spring influx of bands touring through Lawrence has arrived, acting as the harbinger for, hopefully, a sonic summer of stunning sounds and brilliant bands.

Because there are just too many amazing bands gigging in Lawrence this Spring, writing about all of them would be wordy and troublesome. Therefore, this edition of the Lawrence Guide will break down all the concerts by venue, price and date so you can get the most comprehensive view of the upcoming months in music, including concerts outside the date range of this paper. We do all the work so you don’t have to.



April 14–Cults–$12*-14

April 18–Bowling for Soup–$15*-17

May 1–M83–Tickets sold out (for now)

May 3–Quiet Corral–$7*

May 12–Polyphonic Spree–$18*-20

May 21–Mayer Hawthorne–$16*-18

May 27–Best Coast–$17*-20

May 29–Heartless Bastards–$14

June 10–Destroyer–$15*




April 14–My Brother the Vulture, Icarus the Owl, The Faded Age and more–$5

April 21–Woods w/ MMOSS–$12

May18–Active Child–$10

May 22–Xiu Xiu–$12

Replay Lounge:

April 26–Oberhofer–#


April–The Bastard Suns w/ The Faded Age

April 28–Real Estate–$13

May–Bella Muerte w/ The Faded Age

The Beaumont:

April 18–Tyga w/ Lil Twist and YG–#

April 24–Snow Patrol–#

May 2–The Wombats–#

Uptown Theater:

April 20–Cake–$80

April 22–Rachel Maddow–$35

*Advanced Ticket Purchase

# Tickets not available yet


April 14–Cults–Granada

April 18–Bowling For Soup–Granada

April 18–Tyga–Beaumont

April 20–Cake–Uptown

April 21–Woods–Jackpot

April 22–Rachel Maddow–Uptown

April 24–Snow Patrol–Beaumont

April 26–Oberhofer–Replay Lounge

April 28–Real Estate–Bottleneck

May 1–M83–Granada

May 2–The Wombats–Beaumont

May 3–Quiet Corral–Granada

May 12–Polyphonic Spree–Granada

May 18–Active Child–Jackpot

May 21–Mayer Hawthorne–Granada

May 22–Xiu Xiu–Jackpot

May 27–Best Coast–Granada

May 29–Heartless Bastards–Granada

June 10–Destroyer–Granada


$7–Quiet Corral–May 3

$10–Active Child–May 18

$12–Xiu Xiu–May 22

$12–Woods–April 21

$13–Real Estate–April 28

$12*-14–Cults–April 14

$14–Heartless Bastards–May 29

$15–Destroyer–June 10

$15*-17–Bowling for Soup–April 18

$16*-18–Mayer Hawthorne–April 21

$17*-20–Best Coast–May 27

$18*-20–Polyphonic Spree–May 12

$35–Rachel Maddow–April 22

$80–Cake–April 20

#–Tyga–April 18

#–Snow Patrol–April 24

#–Oberhofer–April 26

#–M83–May 1

#–The Wombats–May 2

*Advanced Ticket Purchase

#Tickets Not Available Yet