FEATURE: Honor Moon: How Far They Have Come

Non-profit run by students keeps making progress.


Ashanti Riccardo

A couple of the The Honor Moon members meet up to discuss how to bring in more donations to help out other students who may be in need of period products.

Elizabeth Hare

If you are a woman or someone who menstruates, chances are you have heard of Honor Moon, a non-profit organization that stocks pantries across the community with menstrual products. What makes Honor Moon so special the community is that it’s run by some of Free State’s own students. While they have been doing work for the community since Honor Moon’s start in 2020, they have come very far as an organization since then. 

“It’s kind of crazy,” sophomore Director of Pantry Management Hazel Powers said. “When we started this two summers ago, I had no idea we would get this far. I had no idea we would become a registered nonprofit. We’ve come really far and I’m so proud of all the girls that I do this with because we have dedicated so much time and effort into this and seeing us continue to go further and further and reach more people.” 

Sophomore Merrit Hale drops off period products in the girls restrooms and gender neutral restroom to help other students in need. Hale joined Honor Moon when it had just started. “Helping people makes me happy and that I know I am providing for students and other members of the community,” Hale said. (Ashanti Riccardo)

Since Honor Moon’s started, they have quickly gained popularity and support from the community. Both local businesses and large corporations, such as Tampax and Urban outfitters, have acknowledged Honor Moon’s work, which has been a great accomplishment for members. 

“It’s really cool seeing big chains getting involved, and then smaller businesses as well,” Powers said.

Sophomore Treasurer Olivia Hazlett also spoke to how beneficial the community outreach has been as Honor moon has been gaining popularity. 

”My favorite thing is watching all the good that we do,” Hazlett said. “It’s really awesome to go to an event and talk to people and hear things like ‘this is really cool’ from people you don’t know. It’s great to hear feedback from the community about all the good we’re doing and that kind of makes everything work.”