FSHS Principal West Reveals His Weight Loss Secrets


Principal Ed West shows

sarah rohrschneider, reporter

Especially with Thanksgiving around the corner, weight loss may be the last thing students are thinking about. But for Free State principal Ed West, eating right and exercising have been his main focuses since this past summer.

“When you’re 5-foot-6 and [have] no hope of growing taller, growing wider is not a very good option,” West said.

After West and his wife joined a gym close to their house, he began to journal his calories. Between a combination of the two, West lost about 40 to 45 pounds.

“[Overall], my family has been pretty supportive,” West said. “I am pleased with myself. I enjoy being in shape a heck of a lot better than not.”

Forty-five pounds is no small deal. Many Free State students have noticed West’s weight loss.

“I was kind of surprised because it seemed like he lost so much weight in such a short amount of time,” junior Aaryn Wertz said.

West is surprised by how many people have noticed his transformation.

“It’s amazing how much people pay attention both to know that there was a change and to be able to acknowledge it and be willing to say something,” West said.

Though West enjoys the effects of weight loss, losing weight was not easy.

“Sometimes time is a crunch,” West said. “The food stuff is still a struggle…If I get started on a bag of chips, it’s easier for me to stop at zero than stop at one. On the days where I exercise and run more, I can have more that day.”

For people trying to lose weight, sometimes constant motivation is a challenge.

“I had been in shape before,” West said. “Back when I was a math teacher, I coached cross country, track and actually ran quite a bit,so I knew the feeling of being in shape. I knew I could [do it].”

West’s success shows students and faculty that getting in shape is indeed possible. Never giving up is always an important thing to keep in mind.

“Sometimes it is frustrating when you decide that you want to do something and a week later you’re not there yet. I’m not much different than a lot of students. I kind of get impatient,” West said. “I think you need to have a big goal. Then you need to break it down into smaller goals and if you blow it one day, that’s just the one day. Don’t feel like if you fall off the wagon…you can’t get back on.”