Voting Made Easy

sarah rohrschneider, reporter

November 6, 2012: The next presidential election. With a new election cycle comes new 18 year old voters. The question usually is “okay, now I can vote. But, how do I register?”

With new technology, it is easier to vote than it has ever been: online.

If new voters want to register as a Kansan voter, a quick visit to with a valid id or driver’s license will suffice.

Once one begins registration, the prompt will help navigate through the four easy steps.

If a new voter would rather register with a form, a PDF file can be downloaded and printed out from the same website, and sent into the county election office.” For Lawrencians, the county election office is as follows:

County Election Office
Douglas County
1100 Massachusetts St
Lawrence, KS

When it comes down to it, registering to vote really is not that hard. The real question now is who to vote for.

“I’m excited to vote,” senior Michelle Stockwell said. “I will finally have some input in the political process and feel capable of contributing to change.”