Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

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sarah lieberman, reporter

Last year sophomore Alison Prather filled in the bubbles on her Matchmaker form and turned it in with minimal expectation. A few days after Valentine’s Day, Prather logged onto Facebook to find a message from her number one.

High school relationships are typecast as being awkward and timid. However, Matchmaker can bring out the more bold side in students.

“I’m not shy or anything so I kind of just went with it,” said Alison’s “number one,” sophomore Connor Ballenger.

In a few cases, matchmaker actually works. Prather and Ballenger started to talk and even dated.  The Matchmaker survey lead to a facebook message which lead to an actual relationship.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to find out they had a vast amount in common.  The crazy reality was that two pieces of paper and four dollar bills brought them together.

“We just had a lot of the same interests,” Ballenger said.

In the gray month of February if there’s one thing students are looking for, besides spring break, it is a valentine. Matchmaker provides a quirky survey for students to learn more about themselves and meet new people. All this is done while supporting a good cause.

Matchmaker revenue goes to the Miracle Thursday fund. Miracle Thursday provides supplies for students who can’t make ends meet.  They have provided things such as groceries, suits and sports fees.

“There was a need for funding for kids who needed supplies or needed just a little assistance,”said FYI Club sponsor Peggy Nelson.

By chipping in the two dollars to receive the results, students also help a valuable cause.

The matchmaker proved effective for Ballenger and Prather, as they still remain friends today, but the capability of the survey is debatable.

“Opposites attract and [matchmaker is] just comparing same things,” sophomore Lizzy Hadl said.

Hadl was one of the many students whose significant others didn’t show up on their list.

“He wrote down crappy answers,” Hadl said.

Lack of students’ serious participation skews accurate results.  Students have been known to mark themselves as the wrong gender or pose as celebrities. Betty White made an appearance on a few forms as a man.

Matchmaker has also been known to cause a little bit of drama. Sophomore Jake Hill was taken off guard when his ex-girlfriend showed up as his number one.

“It’s very awkward because we dated for five months,” Hill said.

While the results may seem strange to some people, others understand why they were paired with someone.

“I think [Matchmaker is] pretty effective because it did give me someone I have a lot in common with,” Hill said.

Whether looking for a date, a new friend, or just to help a good cause, Matchmaker is a fun way to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit.