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A Fresh Face for Freshman

A Fresh Face for Freshman

Olivia Roderick, Reporter October 4, 2021

This year, Katie Brandau is welcomed as the new 9th grade counselor. Brandau moved from Durango, Colorado, where she was a high school counselor for five years.  Brandau said “[she] knew she always...

Photo by Emma Hardesty

Students sing the praises of new choir teacher

Cici Hunter, Reporter October 4, 2021

Joshua East is the latest addition to the fine arts program. Working beside Olivia Henning , East co-teaches the performance choirs and is the lead teacher for Chamber choir. East started his career...

Photo by Addie Driscoll

Black Box Theatre Festival Director Profiles

Nisa Khosh and Natasha Torkzaban September 15, 2021

  Mary Kate Shultz, senior What’s the title of your show? What’s it about? “My play is titled jackpot, it takes place in a small town. The protagonist is a teenager who works...

Student Spotlight: Rita Joseph

Student Spotlight: Rita Joseph

January 25, 2019

Photo: Baya Burgess; Design: Emily Zeller

Consultant Tajma Stetson (Michael Tolbert) applies lipstick to Angela Mansbury (Scott Ireland) to prepare for the evening gown contest. There’s a women inside of us all Stetson said. Some of us get lucky enough to put them on stage.

Bringing on the Men

Jackson Barton, Online Editor in Chief February 6, 2018

Following rapturous cheers, the curtains open, revealing only a single grand piano stage left. For a drag competition, it’s a remarkably modest set. Immediately, assistant choral director Scott Ireland,...

Tyler Ruzich adresses an audience member while answering a question. Ruzich describes himself as a Republican because his parents were able to go to college without government assistance.

Tyler Ruzich

Sam Mohanty, Reporter November 28, 2017

Tyler Ruzich, a conservative Republican, is campaigning to bring new ideas into the state government. “Those ideas are something that we really need right now,” Ruzich said. “We need cooperation...

Standing at the podium, Dominique Scavuzzo talks about his views. He is a moderate conservative running as a rebublican.“We need cooperation and not moving left or right, but moving forward.” Scavuzzo said.

Dominic Scavuzzo

Sam Mohanty, Reporter November 18, 2017

Dominic Scavuzzo is a moderate Conservative running as a Republican. “I believe that my message overall is creating better dynamic,” Scavuzzo said. “By creating a youthful point-of-view, I could...

Ethan Randleas stands before the crowd at the assembly on October 19th. He is a libertarian running on a republican ticket. “Not a lot of people are going to agree with me, and I am okay with that.” Randleas said.

Ethan Randleas

Sam Mohanty, Reporter November 16, 2017

Ethan Randleas is a Libertarian running on a Republican ticket. “They call [my ideas] very ‘out there’,” Randleas said. “Not a lot of people are going to agree with me, and I am okay with...

At the assembly on October 19th, Alexander Clae talks to the crowd. He describes himself as a libertarian and is running on the democratic ticket. Economically I am a libertarian, socially I would describe myself as a liberal and i do believe in the realpolitik of my world it is efficient and more effective to have a manic position, Clae said.

Jack Bergersen and Alexander Clae

Sam Mohanty, Reporter November 14, 2017

Jack Bergerson is a liberal Democrat and points out his policies about his health care system and minimum wage. “I'm sure a lot of Democrats agree, but no one ever talks about it,” Bergerson said. While...

All four candidates agree to legalize medical marijuana. I think that in the states that they have legalized it, recreationally or medically it has reaped a lot of benefits, junior Izabella Fletcher said.

Teens throw their hat in election ring

Sam Mohanty, Reporter November 14, 2017

Unlike many other states, the Kansas Constitution does not have an age limit when it comes to running for governor. Ethan Randleas, Dominic Scavuzzo, Tyler Ruzich and Jack Bergerson, all 16 years old,...

Sophomore Ashton Mcknight and fellow protestors block a car from entering the Burger King parking lot. The car eventually forced its way through, but left immediately afterwards.

Community members protest Burger King after senior’s controversial firing

Grace Porter, Reporter November 8, 2017

Editor's’ Note: We have replaced the use of a racial slur in the following story. Having a job is not unusual to a lot of students, but few expect to work under a supervisor who casually uses racial...

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