The Art of Aversion — Blow-off Classes

According to a sample group, two thirds of Free State students recognize the existence of blow-off classes.

In an anonymous student survey, 66 percent said Physical Education or art classes were the easiest courses, while the remaining 34 percent of voters chose from the six other class types.

Sophomore Garrett Hodge said that art and Physical Education electives often fall short of the rigor and requirements of core classes.

“It’s nice to get some exercise in the day, and [Physical Education classes] are easy,” Hodge said

A sentiment shared by many, it seems. Sophomore Mikey Corbett agreed that art electives were the easiest, saying ceramics is the easiest class he’s ever taken.

“I heard it was easy, and I needed some cheap Mother’s Day gifts,” Corbett said. “I needed an art credit.”

While all students are required to take one semester of fine arts, the introductory fine arts classes simplify their subject matter, whereas their follow-up courses delve into the finer points of their craft.

Unfortunately, some students skate by in introductory classes without being immersed in the art as intended. Perhaps an exception is the photography introductory course. Teacher Marsha Poholsky, who teaches Photography I, says her class is far from easy.

“Not everyone gets an A in Photo I, [and] I’m not sure why they would think that,” she said. “I think photo is probably the hardest … introductory art class. You have to learn the computer, you have to learn the camera, and then you have to make art on top of that.”

The introductory classes are designed to give a student a chance to test the waters of the field, and, therefore, usually require little effort. The follow-up classes quickly ramp up the difficulty and provide a student with a much more realistic idea of the work required in the field.