Graber Announces Retirement


After a 47-year education career, Principal Myron Graber announced his retirement this week. 

“It’s time to enjoy some other parts of life,” Graber said.

Working across smaller towns in Kansas and Jefferson City, Missouri, Graber has been at the school for the last seven years. He started his career teaching at Fairfield High School in Langdon, Kansas. 

“Free State’s an amazing place,” Graber said. “It has so much to offer.”

With so much experience, Graber used his expertise to guide the school’s future. 

“His leadership has played a key role in the school community advancing Free State’s reputation for excellence,” Superintendent Anthony Lewis said. 

Participating in the Redesign program has defined his career. 

“Trying to take one of the largest high schools in the state [through Redesign] to enhance and change the learning environment so it can help all kids,” Graber said. “There’s still a long way to go.”

With next year’s budget cuts looming in the distance, Graber hopes that programs can be maintained.

“I inherited an excellent school here where there were excellent programs and we try to sustain and maintain those,” Graber said.

Graber hopes that with a new principal, there will be more opportunities for students.

“I hope that whoever comes in can build on [Redesign], create great opportunities for students,” Graber said. 

The district will begin the search for Graber’s successor in the coming months.