Limit on Learning

Learning stairs close leaving the students in confusion.


It started with signs posted in December banning food and drinks from the Learning Stairs. Now, students can no longer use them at all. 
Freshman Isabel Miller, who frequently used the Learning Stairs last semester, is displeased with the closing.

“It’s inconvenient,” Miller said. “A lot of us go there before school starts to just sit and wait.”

Head custodian Kayla Mueller is frustrated with the closure of the stairs. 

At the start of the semester, there was an absence of both students and staff due to COVID. Mueller just didn’t have the staff to “clean up sticky messes, candy everywhere and it was just a hassle.”

“[Students] don’t do anything learning wise on those learning stairs and it’s what they are made for,” Mueller said.

With the amount of trash left for custodians to clean up, followed by the disregard for The Learning Stairs rules, security guard Dee and the custodians had made the choice for the maintenance of the school.

“The Learning Stairs are closed because people leave a mess, they trash it and so we figured we’d give us some time to not have it and they’ll realize how important it is to keep it clean,” Kemp said. 

Mueller said the stairs eventually will open again this year, but didn’t clarify when. 

“It was originally supposed to be a week,” Mueller said. “It wasn’t really my choice… but I did want it to happen.”