PHOTO GALLERY: Free State vs. LHS Basketball Game

A look into the rivalry basketball game on Friday, February 18

Update: boys’ basketball won 59-47

girls’ basketball lost 20-59

With the all-time record being even, the stakes are up for this year’s basketball City Showdown. Twenty-one wins for both teams, means there is an even amount of wins for each team to swing the rivalry in their favor. After losing the last four years, the seniors are eager for a win. 

Firebird basketball is currently ranked number one in the state in the 6A class. That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges. With a high ranking, comes Lawrence High’s top ten placement as well. 

“The last four years we’ve been losing,” senior varsity basketball player Jackson Simon said. “ I think it’d be really cool if we could break the streak, finally win, and get the bragging rights.“

Leading up to the City Showdown, Student Council organized a spirit week to gain support and get people excited for the big game. The spirit week included themes such as anything-but-a backpack day, PJ day and Free State Friday. 

With the excitement of spirit week, came the talk of the game. Students were restless for the City Showdown, eager to break the streak and take the win. 

“You can tell how much people care about this game,” STUCO president senior Molly Weishaar said. “There’s so much more talk about what time you’re getting there, what you’re doing and how much you’re going to participate in the theme.” 

Along with the chance to turn the rivalry in their favor, there are other pressures the players are facing. 

“The league title is on the line,” Coach Sam Stroh said.