No More Nasty

amani safadi

Aside from the exceptional academic, musical, athletic and theatrical success, this is a high school and there are inevitably some pretty disgusting things that go on in a building full of teenagers. Though most students hold their noses or avert their eyes to avoid these unpleasant things, in the spirit of freedom of the press and hard-hitting investigative journalism, our staff decided to bring these nasty things out in the open. We took a vote on the grossest things we see going on throughout the school. Here are our top ten picks:
Butt cracks
“Keep it in your pants.”-Bailey
“It’s gross, and if you’re gross it’s gross.” -Jessica
Picking noses
“I throw up a little bit every time I see someone digging for gold.”-Katherine
Fountain Gum
“The school water tastes bad enough without your nasty spit gum.”-Emma
Gabe Ballard-Hanson
“Only student at our school more disgusting than Sam Walters.”- Jeff and Jake 
Neck beards
“We all know a certain senior who works at a cookie shop with a neck beard, seriously man shave it.”-Anonymous
“Flush please.”-Kim
“It’s disgusting. Don’t let it hang out.”-Allison Morte
Smelly People
“When I encounter someone smelly in the hallways, I hold my breath for like a minute.”-Emily 
Scandalous Clothes
“Keep it classy ladies.”-Miranda