Letter to the Editor

One of the rudest things someone can do is put words in another person’s mouth and assume that their opinion is a definite way. You cannot, in any way, say that the senior class does not want the freshmen to be a part of Free State.
The reality of it is, they are here, they aren’t leaving, why would you let it ruin your senior year? Yes, of course, they can be immature and loud sometimes, but we were just like them when we were freshmen, and quite frankly, many of us upperclassmen are continuing to be just as immature as the freshmen.
If you are going to mope around the whole school year because 350 more students are a part of the amazing school we all attend, then we feel sorry for you. Sure, the lunch line is longer, the traffic is heavier and the hallways are more crowded, but rather than allowing these minute discrepancies to completely annihilate each day of your senior year, why not embrace the opportunity to be a mature senior and make the freshmen feel the sense of belonging that we all so graciously received when we were sophomores?
Some of them are just as scared, annoyed, and upset by the changes as several of the seniors are. Rather than having the privileges of being the oldest class at their junior highs, they are now being treated, by people like you, with utter disrespect and intolerance. The freshmen, whether you want not believe it or not, are in fact, people. This means that they deserve the +same respect and warm smile just as every other person in this facility does. We, as seniors, should be jumping at the chance to be role models for the first freshmen class in Free State’s history.
Being the “forgotten senior class” does not have to be our reputation. We could be remembered as the class that changed the student life at Free State. We believe that high school can be a great experience, and being seniors during this change, we all owe it to the classes below us to enforce a positive attitude and way of thinking to ripple through the hallways. We’re seniors; we set the tone. Treating all of the underclassmen with respect will only benefit everybody involved and potentially make or break someone’s entire view of their high school experience.

So stop being rude, mean and disrespectful towards the underclassmen in the parking lot, the hallways, at lunch, at sporting events and any other time that you come in contact with them. You were a freshmen once, remember how it felt.


Callie Brabender and Audrey Lamborn