Sports Fields Update

miranda davis and allison harwood

It’s crunch time down on the fields.
No, it’s not the running back sprinting for the next touchdown, or a goal at the last second to win the game. As the fall sports seasons draw near, the rush is on to make sure the new fields are ready on time.
Then, weeks before the ’09-10 school year started an anonymous donation was given to Free State to have an additional facility built near the football stadium for outdoor sports.
Many of the fall and spring sports will move outside to the new athletic facility where equipment is more accessible. The complex includes a concession stand, public restrooms, a training room and a locker room, which will be used for male athletes in the fall and female athletes in the spring. Upstairs there are two storage rooms, a film room, staff locker rooms, a meeting room and six coach offices. 
As for the cost of the building, no one in the district knows how much it will cost the anonymous donor.
“The district put forth $400,000 and the anonymous donor said he would cover the rest of the cost,” according to Hill. 
There will also be two observation desks on top of the new building, but who will be permitted has yet to be discussed.
“We haven’t discussed who will be allowed into the observation decks,” Hill said. “I don’t imagine just anyone will be allowed to walk up and watch the games, but we haven’t sat down to decide exactly who will have access to them.”
Six sports will move down to the new building, will free up space inside the school so more coaches can have offices.
“We can then move the outdoor sports out there: football, baseball, softball track and men and women’s soccer. Six sports will completely move out there and coaches will move their offices out there,” Hill said.
The football field is projected to be finished in time for the first varsity football game on Sept. 18, but the soccer field may take a little longer to be finished.
While the football stadium is nearing finish and the baseball field is done, there is still more left to do. When asked about the progress of the softball field, the last of the outdoor sports to be completed, Hill said turf would be laid down this fall and be ready by the spring season.
“Soccer has still got quite a little bit to do,” Hill said.
But for the athletes, all that matters is game time.
“We will be able to practice in the rain now, junior soccer player Scott Ragan said.
All the players want to do is get out on the new fields and play.
“I’m really looking forward to playing on that against LHS, senior football player Spencer Chestnut said.
As for the seniors on the football team, they get to play their last season in the new stadium. Their overall attitude is excitement. The players are also hoping since the venue is closer to home it might increase student turnout.
“Its just always fun to play,”  Chestnut said.