The Force is Strong with this Club

Star Wars Club initiates its second year at Free State High School

Information: The Star Wars Club meets only on block Thursdays in instructor Lynne Renick’s room, Room 140.

Leaders: A council of eight administers the club, including president Cooper Hicks, vice president Brandon Bunting, Technical Secretary Grace Eason, Treasurer Steele Jacobs, Weapons Master Sam Goodwin and Duel Master Sarah Edmonds.

Main Idea: Sophomore Cooper Hicks founded Star Wars club. His idea was straightforward and he did not anticipate the following that the club has acquired.

“I created this club early second semester of last year,” Hicks said. “I just had the spontaneous idea. We’re all into Star Wars; why not start a club and discuss it?”

The goal is just that, to revel in all things Star Wars. However, the experience isn’t reserved for experts on the series; many people are only familiar with a few of the movies, while others are seasoned Star Wars trivia veterans. Despite the welcoming nature of the group to people of  differing interests, they do try to center most of the discussion around the Star Wars series specifically.

“Generally, we try to keep [the topic] on Star Wars because sometimes we get sidetracked by Star Trek or Firefly,” Hicks said, “but most of the time it’s just Star Wars.”

Rules: Organization and order is a priority in this club, at least until they break down into spurts of silly and passionate debate over Star Wars. The Jedi Council of Eight manages rules and regulations during meetings.

“The council can vote on different rules and regulations,” Hicks said, “… [it can vote] on anything that comes up really. They can change rules, or add rules, or get rid of rules altogether.”

While the rules weren’t described in detail, one thing was very clear: the council has the final word. Every member is perfectly open to contribute their suggestions, but the vote of the council is the only power that can validate or invalidate actions and policies. However, all members are also eligible to become council members as long as they attend meetings regularly and display qualities of responsible membership.

Events: As one might expect, the Star Wars club aims to put a unique touch one some traditional ideas.

“We are definitely planning to be represented in the Homecoming Parade,” Hicks said, “and we’re also planning on doing a bake sale to raise funds. We plan to get a junk car and paint it like the Death Star and get bats that look like lightsabers and have people pay to beat it up.”

A consensus was reached that the bake sale should feature Darth Vader cupcakes and Yoda cookies, and that the homecoming float would indubitably be modeled after the Millennium Falcon. The group also plans to host Star Wars movie lock-ins, lightsaber duels and a few Star Wars video game parties.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere of this club is very fast paced. Discussions move quickly and are fueled by giddiness and by deeply held beliefs about certain aspects of the Star Wars series.

“A lot of times we have disputes about different things,” Hicks said. “We had one today about whether or not Han [Solo] shot first; he did shoot first. They [the debates] do get pretty intense at times, but it’s not something [that] should scare anybody off. It’s not as [fun] to be shy when you come here.”

This club invites all people with welcoming arms, and frankly, if attended, Star Wars Club will have newcomers caught up and spellbound by the quirky charm of this budding Free State club.