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Board of Education Meeting February 8

allison harwood

March 2, 2010

At the February 8 Board of Education meeting the main focus was the budget cuts. Numerous parents came up to the podium during the recognition of the audience to contest the idea of closing down any Lawrence schools. After an hour ...

“It takes a lot of numbers to add up to four million.”

ryan loecker

February 17, 2010

Even though we are already seeing some effects of budget cuts, "The worst of the decisions are being made now, but the impact won't be felt until next year," according to principal West. While the board is looking at every possi...

The Secret Life of the American Teacher

katherine corliss

January 20, 2010

Teachers often try to teach beyond their curriculum. Life lessons are offered and mostly ignored, but what teachers talk about between powerpoints often reflects their interests beyond the classroom.   "I try and share a little bit abou...

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