Technology Takeover

amani safadi

When students dive onto the computer they usually know what they want to do. Usually it’s entertainment, but more and more teachers are starting to ask their students to sign on for school.

Although many students already have a Facebook or Twitter account it can seem as if teachers are requiring them to combine their social lives with their education.

Using technology is effective…

Many students and teachers are in favor of using technology to make learning easier and more engaging.

One way that technology is integrated into the AP Politics class is through tele-conferencing with British students in a comparable class.

“We met up and discussed current events and issues facing us, and compared cultures with Britain and America, it was a good exchange,” senior Chris Helt said.

Now, many teachers feel technology in the classroom would not only help the students with their assignments and grades, but also improve the students’ social skills.

“’I’m a big fan of my students Facebooking the students from Milden Hall, because it allows the students to talk to each other, and even though they can’t see each other it’s still away for them to socialize and get to know one another,” social studies teacher Bobby Nichols said.

These two groups usually meet up every week to talk and discuss important topics that’s on their minds. The students in Nichols’ room use Facebook, Twitter and a class blog to keep everyone on the same page.

Technology is an obstacle in the classroom…

Some think avoiding Twitter and Facebook is the way to go.
“I think we should expand technology but we should try and keep school and social life separated, so maybe we could start by using new programs on computers, but not necessarily going as far as Facebook and Twitter,” sophomore Cecilia Quintana said.
As for many teachers, they think using too much technology in the classroom is not really needed and disrupting,

“I just don’t see the point for [technology] because it seems to me like most of what I do in my classroom is reading and writing, so I do think using technology would be disrupting,” English teacher Theresa Martin said.

Conflicting views on technology use in schools reflect opposing opinions about education.   Different methods of gaining knowledge offer different advantages, and it would seem a happy medium between technology-centered and classical teaching methods is necessary for our school.