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Report addresses hateful social media accounts

Hala Hamid, Reporter

May 5, 2015

Logging onto Twitter a couple weeks ago, I saw many of my fellow classmates mentioning and tweeting about a new account called LKnudes. The account has since been suspended, but during its short-lived reign, it was significantly...

Weird twitter, a group of comedians takes to twitter and makes it… weird

Maddie Birchfield, Reporter

October 15, 2014

[View the story "Weird Twitter" on Storify]  ...

Free State Reacts: Teacher’s React to Students’ Tweets

Maria Carrasco and Catherine Prestoy

October 2, 2014

Junior Brandon Wilson chants through his megaphone during a Friday night football game.

Brandon Wilson

October 22, 2013

photo credit to birgerking

Pros of Social Media

February 1, 2013

Week Without Technology: Rosemary–Day 4

rosemary newsome, reporter

January 17, 2013

I think people underestimate the value of social media and its incredibly reliable and speedy method of relaying information, whether it be news worthy of mass amount of retweets or not. As I chat with my friends who catch me...

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