The Power of Debate: Parker Hopkins


photo credit to Darian Koenig

gavin spence, reporter

Debate is a challenging and highly rewarding activity for those students who are brave enough to take it on. With an exhausting 15-21 hour work week, sophomore Parker Hopkins’ devotion to debating is truly remarkable.

Last year, Hopkins went to 4 tournaments and medaled at every one. This year he went to ten tournaments and medaled at half of them, thanks to his extra practice at the Jayhawk Debate Camp over the summer with his debate partner Adam Strathman.

Along with researching the negative aspects of a situation that advanced debaters are required to do, he assists novices after school.

Hopkins takes debate because he sees the benefits it could reap later in life.

“Other people should take debate because it can help you with public speaking and arguing,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins keeps coming back to debate because of the people, the class and the activity itself. Due to Ms. Ball’s influence, Hopkins is considering becoming a debate coach in the future to show his dedication in other students.