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Forensics builds students’ confidence

Reagan Sullivan, Reporter

March 24, 2016

Junior Meredith Shaheed has been practicing for the last week, standing on a stage she prepares to perform her event for the Forensics Team. Forensics is a series of talking events including speeches, poems, acting and other...

Jo Ball

logan brown, reporter

May 21, 2013

According to Jo Ball, a great speaker “is someone who can communicate with the audience and adapt to the audience ”. According to Parker Hopkins, the way to become a great speaker is Ms. Ball. Hopkins spends over 20 hours a week ...

Solomon Cottrell

riley buller, designer

May 14, 2013

Sophomore Solomon Cottrell spends his days thinking deeper than the average high school student. Between Philosophy Club, forensics and debate, his mind exercises daily like it is training for a marathon. This constant brain...

Revenge of the Nerds

hannah moran, reporter

March 8, 2012

The kind of teenagers who actually enjoy debating infrastructure implementation and nuclear weapons are not the same kind of teenagers who you’d expect to be engaging in questionable activities on the dance floor. Being a...

Future Politicians of America

hannah moran, reporter

February 13, 2012

Who We Are: Young Democrats Every Monday of each month, roughly five to 10 young democrats gather in Linda Wedge’s classroom for a hearty conversation about politics. “It’s more of a discussion about the issues rather...

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