Photo Gallery: First Month of the School Year

Some of the photographers’ best work is featured below along with some short interviews.

Photo by Baya Burgess

Introduction of Photographers

Baya Burgess (Photo Editor)

“I’ve been a photographer on staff for four years now. I’ve loved sharing my work with the school. Taking photos is my favorite thing to do.”

“My celebrity crushes are Ben Affleck, Shaun White, ASAP Rocky, Johnny Depp, Jimmy Stuart.”

Karmina Douglas (Photo Editor)

“I’ve been a photographer on staff since January 2020, and it’s been great to be able to get out of my comfort zone and try new things while photographing new people and places.”

Addie Driscoll (Photo Editor)

“I’ve been a photographer on staff for two years now, and it’s the best. I hope you all enjoy all the pictures that our amazing photographers take and share.”

Maya Lee

“Being a photographer this year been a really great learning experience. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everybody in journalism, and learning how to become a better photographer.”

Gracie Coleman

“Being a part of journalism this year has been a great experience. I love being able to walk around at events and take photos without getting yelled at.”

“My celebrity crushes are Evan Rachel Wood and Saoirse Ronan.”

Emma Hardesty

“I’ve only cried once while taking pictures in the three years I have been a photographer.”

Lady Ortega-Perez

“Only two months as a photographer and my wrists already hurt.”

“My celebrity crushes are Moonbin from Astro, Adan Diaz, Bad Bunny, Omar Apollo, and Dylan Minnette.”

Isabelle Prô

“Joining journalism this year has helped improve my photography skills and I have enjoyed going to new events and having new experiences while meeting new people.”

“My celebrity crushes are Tom Holland, Louis Partridge, Tyler Down, and Nico Young’s brothers Lex and Leo”