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Students show school spirit by participating in Homecoming activities

Libby Stanford, Online Editor

October 12

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2014 Homecoming

Libby Stanford, Reporter

October 15

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Four students turn down Homecoming nominations

hala hamid, reporter

September 24

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Being a part of Homecoming court can be an exciting event in one’s high school career, but for three seniors, walking onto the football field during the Homecoming game to find out who is going to be crowned Homecoming king and que... Read more »

Year in Review

May 26

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-Commitment to Graduate sign (Thumbs down) A neon green sign was put up on a wall in the commons. -Hype Inc. (Thumbs up) This club was especially active first semester. They held tailgates before football games and filled... Read more »

Courting Change

miranda davis

September 23

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Traditions are important to the high school experience. Yet every once in a while a tradition, even one as vital to high school as Homecoming, needs some alterations. During this year’s Homecoming nominations, some students... Read more »

FYI about FYI

FYI about FYI

August 31

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