Math teacher Allison Jech to teach in Alaska

Q:Why are you leaving?

A: I am leaving so I can go teach Native American Eskimos in Alaska.


Q:Are you excited?

A: I am excited. I am going to be living in rural Alaska. The only way in and out is on a single engine bush plane, and there are no roads in my village. There are only like 420 people that live there.


Q: So how many years have you worked at Free State?

A: One year.


Q: How many years have you been a teacher?

A: This is the end of my sixth year.


Q: So are you sad or happy about leaving?

A: I’m sad because of all the schools I’ve ever worked at, I like Free State the best. But, I’m excited that I get to go and get to experience a different way of life.


Q: Can you go into more detail about your future plans?

A: Well, basically, I’m just going to be living in rural Alaska and … immersing myself in a new culture and way of thinking. Hopefully I learn from them as much as I will teach them.

Q: What will you miss most about Free State?

A: All of my students that I’ve developed a bond with.

Q: How has Free State impacted you?

A: I like the freedom that they give their teachers here … There are some schools that like to micromanage, and this school really allows you to be who you are and doesn’t have too many restrictions.