Board of Education Meeting: March 8

amani safadi

Finalized Cuts:
1. Raise the student- teacher ratio by one student across the district: $1.1 million.
  • One student can make a huge impact on a teachers classroom. Plus it would be harder for us to get into the classes we wanted because they would be full faster.
2. Restructure school nurses and cut one full time nurse:$ 43,520.
  • We would have one less nurse at Free state helping students.
3. Tap into an instructional materials fund: $200,000.
  • We wouldn’t have as many materials as we do now.
1. Reduce the number of high school assistant principals: $102,597.
  • We would have one less assistant principal.
Instructional Support:
1.For learning coaches, no additional contract days and eliminate all positions not federally funded: $495,717.
  • Free state would have less coaches then we have now.
Libraries and Media:
1. Eliminate 11 work days for library media specialists:12,167.
  • An undetermined teacher will be non renued and retiring teachers not being replaced.

Student support:

1. Reducing additional contract days and hours for guidance counselors: $35,604.
  • The counselors wouldn’t be here during the summer as much as they do now, making it harder for students to get help with there schedule, and a lot harder for new students to enroll.
Activities and Fine Arts:

1. Athletics, mostly by efficiencies in ninth grade sports are moved to the high schools: $ 150,000.

  • Freshman would be playing every sport at Free state. They wouldn’t have a choice to play at there school, so that would make it more complicated for Free state students.
2 Reduction in additional contract days high school teachers can supervise career and technical education clubs competitions: $15,000.
  • There’s potential for students to not be involved in the activities they wanted to participate in.
Facilities and Operations
1.No substitute custodians until third day of absences: $ 40,000.
  • We would probably not have our custodians as often as now.
.Food Services.
Increase meal prices at least: $0.12 per meal: $246,932.
  • 186 x 2.15 + 0.12= $422.22. The normal school lunch costs $399.9. It increased by $22.32.