Bailey’s Backyard Barbecue: Fight the Power

     Let’s face it: adults hate teenagers. Their general discontent for everything “teen” is obvious. We’re too loud, too inconsiderate, too sexual…in their eyes, we are the assassins of all things pure.

     For example, is anyone else having a ridiculously hard time finding a job? It’s the same routine every time-plaster a smile on your face and strut confidently into the store, only to hear the same words the last place told you: “umm…well…we’re actually not hiring right now…” Sorry to break it to you, but what they’re really saying is: “umm…well…we don’t want to hire YOU…” I know. It’s frustrating, and honestly, quite sad.         Don’t they realize what we have to offer? They think we’re loud, when really, we’re only trying to express our feelings. They say we’re inconsiderate. Translation: we’re honest, and who doesn’t appreciate honesty in a person? And most importantly, they think we’re too sexual. But look how beautiful we are! Sometimes, we just can’t help it…

     There must be some explanation behind the insanity. I don’t think adults try to hate us; they just don’t know how to understand us.

     “I was your age once!”

     Yeah. Ok. I can’t even remember how I felt yesterday. How can they possibly remember how they felt thirty years ago?

     But the truth is, adults were 17 once, and they know that teen years are the prime time to mess up. They recognize the need for rebellion and budding sexuality from somewhere, but they can’t pinpoint it exactly. What they don’t realize, or maybe just don’t want to admit, is that their fear comes from a legitimate place: themselves. When you ask your mom if you can go to that late Friday night concert, the only thing she can picture is a young version of herself dancing wildly at a show in the ‘80’s. Unfortunately, the vision she has of herself slowly begins to morph into a vision of you.
    In the end, it all comes down to trust. Adults want the best for us, but often have a hard time trusting us enough to let us learn from our mistakes; and we as teenagers need to trust their advice enough to at least consider it.

     There will always be teenagers and there will always be adults. We are forced to coexist on this planet, so why not try to do it peacefully? In the end, we’ll all have to learn to be a little less stubborn in order to understand each other. My advice is-

     Teenagers: Tip at restaurants. Give firm handshakes. Tell the truth. Respect everyone.

     Adults: Laugh. Smile. Take time out of every day to do something you enjoy.  Let loose a little bit..I promise, it won’t kill you.