The Free Press Guide to the Hallway’s

miranda davis

Upper Left
Classes in this hallway:
math and science
This hallway is full of future engineers and rocket scientists. It is known to have a distinct smell after an experiment conducted by the chemistry classes has gone awry or a particularly nasty animal dissection by the AP Biology students. This hallway is also unique because it contains the Mandarin Chinese class. In this hallway there is a small teachers lounge for the math teachers.

Upper Right
Classes in this hallway:
social studies, foreign languages and computer classes
During the AP politics elections, this hallway was full of election posters, wall hangings and more. As a quick walk through this hallway will tell you, every room is different. Mr. Springer’s room is full a variety of posters while Ms. Hunt’s room houses a couch. At the end closest to the commons, it tends to remain quiet being that the computer classes do not produce much noise outside of the clicking of keyboards.

Lower Left
Classes in this hallway:
Family and Consumer Sciences, journalism and arts
This hallway is a favorite for hand-holding couples and the creative and artistic students at Free State. It also houses one English classroom (Karakas), and the Pre-Med classes. The attendance, finance, guidance and nurse’s offices are all at the beginning of this hallway. The ISS room, Tech room and computer lab are unique to this hallway. During first and fifth hours, the best people in the world (aka the journalism department) can be seen rushing in and out with call slips and digital voice recorders.

Lower Right
Classes in this hallway:
Film Media, english, library and Special Education
Due to the quiet library and the English classes mixed with IPS classrooms this hallway has a combination of IPS excitement and peace and quiet. This is also the home of Zoey the yellow lab. Students with video recorders can also be seen congregating in this hallway, due to the production room and film office for broadcast, film media and FSTV located in this hallway.

Music Hallway

Classes in this hallway:

band, choir, orchestra, debate and acting; also career and tech ed classes

This hallway is one of the most unique at the school. The musically talented inhabit this hallway, reviewing the latest episode of “Glee,” and discussing the music for the latest orchestra concert. During Marching Band season, the smell of sweaty band kids fills this hallway after sixth hour. Unknown to some of the school, at the end of this hallway there are Plant, Animal and Agriculture science classes and Shop class.