Bailey’s Backyard Barbecue: Pull Apart

     I love love. Really, I do. There are so many different types. Toddler love, bromance love, fresh out of the oven love…the list could go on forever. But there is one kind of love that should be banished from Earth for all of eternity: the, “I-might-die-if-I-spend-one-moment-away-from-you” love.

     For all of you unhealthily dependant couples out there, I just have one question. How in the world do you stand each other? I find it hard to believe that you don’t feel like stabbing one another at the end of the day.  

     Now, I’m not talking about the common teenage relationship; it’s normal to want to be together often. Eating lunch together, hanging out a few days a week, walking together in the halls…ok. But there is a line that should never be crossed. Feeding each other, hanging out every minute, signing up for all the same classes…BAD. BAD!

     I don’t want to seem cynical, and I’m definitely not discouraging relationships. However, there’s a point when it can become seriously unhealthy. When you feel yourself becoming a recluse and alienating yourself from friends that have been with you since the beginning of time as you know it, step back to analyze the situation. You have to ask yourself: if this relationship comes to a screeching halt, will I have friends? If the answer is no, then it’s time to change a few things.

     It may seem extremely difficult to deviate from the pattern that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have unknowingly fallen into. However, there are a few simple changes that can easily make your relationship healthier and more balanced. Consider taking part in more group activities; even if your other half is around, your friends will cherish any time they have with you.

     However, time away from each other is simply necessary. It’s important to occasionally spend time apart in order to reconnect with the people and hobbies that you dropped somewhere along the way.

     In other words: share the love.