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English teacher Lynne Renick retires after long career

hala hamid, reporter

May 21, 2014

English teacher Lynne Renick is retiring this year, and even though she has been teaching for a total of 36 years, there’s never a moment when she doesn’t love her job. “My students teach me so much, especially how to la...

Jo Ball

logan brown, reporter

May 21, 2013

According to Jo Ball, a great speaker “is someone who can communicate with the audience and adapt to the audience ”. According to Parker Hopkins, the way to become a great speaker is Ms. Ball. Hopkins spends over 20 hours a week ...

Gordon Berry

ryan liston, co-online editor in chief

May 14, 2013

Despite having imperfect behavior in high school, substitute teacher Gordon Berry tries to make a positive impression on students. “... I wasn’t a good student in high school,” Berry said, “so that probably is what I...

Matt Frost

Matt Frost

May 14, 2013

Punishment for Online Activity?

January 14, 2011

 Recently, a student in Florida was suspended from school for making a Facebook group, about her English teacher. The group was a forum for people to discuss how much they did not like this teacher and included comm...

The Secret Life of the American Teacher

katherine corliss

January 20, 2010

Teachers often try to teach beyond their curriculum. Life lessons are offered and mostly ignored, but what teachers talk about between powerpoints often reflects their interests beyond the classroom.   "I try and share a little bit abou...

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