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Intrapersonal Skills returns to traditional curriculum

Margaret Clark and Bailey Culbertson wait for first hour to start. There are currently 28 students enrolled in IPS.

Chris Pendry, Reporter

February 3, 2017

With a new teacher at the head of the class, Intrapersonal Skills has changed in structure and style. Senior Paige Bowers enrolled in IPS for the first time this semester. Even though Bowers was never in IPS under the former teacher, Jake Thibodeau, she has noticed a reaction from her classmates. “...

Hype club helps student raise money for funeral in Kenya

The colors of the Kenyan flag, adopted in 1963, represent blood, natural wealth and peace. With a population of around 3 million, the capital Nairobi has dense urban areas as well as a large game reserve that protects endangered animals such as black rhinos.

Rowan Plinsky, Reporter

December 13, 2016

On Oct. 30, David Mburu Nganga passed away due to a sudden onset of Pancreatic cancer. His last wish was to be laid to rest in Kenya. As soon as students heard the Nganga family needed help with money to get to Kenya, Fellowship of Christian Students [FCS], Student Council and Hype club made suppor...

Young Democrats and Young Republicans Clubs hold first debate

Erb and Flynn watch Shi and Pultz-Earle present their argument on student debt.

Jackson Barton, Editor in Chief

November 22, 2016

More than 100 students crowded the Black Box Theater on Nov. 3 to watch the first ever debate between the Young Democrats Club and Young Republicans Club. For almost an hour and a half, debate teacher Jason Moore moderated a staged dispute that avoided many of the personal attacks seen during the p...

Culinary student run popup “Breakfast Club” hits legal obstacle

The Breakfast Club popup provides service at the College and Career Center and the district office.

Darby Gililand, Copy Editor

November 20, 2016

At the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, the Lawrence College and Career Center‘s Advanced Culinary class decided to form a breakfast pop up stand called the Breakfast Club. Every Wednesday morning, the pop up would be in a different location: Free State High School, Lawrence High School, the Lawrence...

Club launches drive shedding light on periods

A typically private matter, the discussion about menstrual products is being made public by the Young Feminist Club. The club decided to create the Menstrual Product Drive to raise awareness about menstruation and also provide products to those who need them.

Chris Pendry and Sam Spencer, Reporter and Editor-In-Chief

November 17, 2016

Young Feminists Club is spearheading a Menstrual Products Drive to help those in need and to help normalize periods. The Gay-Straight Alliance has also put their full support into the drive. All products gathered through the drive, which began Nov. 7 and runs until Nov. 21, will go to the Willow Domestic...

Students in Technology 1 to 1 Program trade tablets for laptops

Subjects in the Technology 1 to 1 program can use the laptops for any of their classes.

Riley Paradise, Reporter

November 10, 2016

PCs have been used at this school since it was founded. Now, laptops have become a commodity. It’s been six and a half years since Apple sold their first iPad which spawned the use of tablets for work and play. As laptops and iPads become common tools, the district is launching a Technology 1 to 1...

Condom dispenser encourages safer sex, raises parental concerns

Condom dispenser encourages safer sex, raises parental concerns

Sam Spencer, Online Editor-In-Chief

November 6, 2016

Starting this month, safe sex could take a matter of seconds. The Douglas County Health Department and Lawrence Public Schools have implemented a dispenser making free condoms available for students in the nurse’s office restrooms at both high schools. Although the DCHD provided both the condoms...

School board hosts LGBTQ+ panel, shares plan of action

Lawrence High Senior Crosby Dold recounts her experiences as a member of the LGBT community during high school. She explained that participating in musicals helped her discover her true identity

Rowan Plinsky and Jackson Barton

November 2, 2016

LGBTQ+ students in the Lawrence public schools deal with ignorance concerning their sexualities and preferred pronouns. On Oct. 18, nine members of the Lawrence public schools LGBTQ+ community sat down in front of a room full of district administrators and told them their stories. Audience members,...

Higher enrollment pressures counselors, teachers

Core classes like Kristen Diefendorf's Math 101 are at capacity.  The 2016 freshmen class was the largest the school has seen,

Juna Murao, Reporter

September 23, 2016

Cramming through the walls of people, students try to get to their lockers or class before the bell rings. Juniors and seniors might notice the growing population of the other grades this year.   Counselors recognized the influx of freshmen. It has been challenging for counselors to schedule the la...

Record number of Free State National Merit Semifinalists announced

National Merit Semifinalist seniors, Erin Schel, Lane Weis, Abena Peasah, Hazel Scott, Calvin Yost-Wolff, Sayuz Thapa, Mary Reed-Weston, Tarini Singh, Ian Putz-Earl, Cailyn Zicker, Sarah Mechem, Adelaide Wendell, Jialun Wang, Paige Lawrence, Katie Lane, Jonathan Leslie, Charlotte Crandall, and Michael Braman gather to recognize their achievements. Free State had its largest number of National Merit Semifinalist 17 students in total. “I figured we would have a good number (…) it’s nice to see the kids you work with succeed,” Advisor Larry Wolf said.

Jackson Barton, Online Editor-in-Chief

September 14, 2016

“I was so excited, like not just for myself, but for everyone, I was so excited for my friends that got in, I was so excited to see them come into the room,” semifinalist Erin Scherl said. “Like, ‘we did it guys!’” The College Board announced Wednesday morning, September 14th, that Scherl...

Booster Club disbands, clubs lose funding

Rowan Plinsky, Reporter

September 12, 2016

After twenty years of supporting StuCo, the whole Free State faculty and many other groups, the Booster Club has decided to disperse due to the lack of parental involvement. The Booster Club began when the school opened. They were a group of parents that raised money to help various programs around the...

Student injured after dangerous jump into nearby pond

A Lawrence Police Department vehicle parked near the scene of the incident. Students were alarmed by the sudden presence of emergency services during their lunch period.

Darby Gilliland and Mariah Houston

May 19, 2016

The sirens from nearby police cars, ambulances and fire trucks startled the students and faculty on May 9, 2016. A sophomore had dove head-first into the shallow pond on private property near Free State. He injured his head, neck and spine leading to paralysis from his chest down according to senior...

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