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Clothing and necessity searching are now made easy
A student looks through the clothing resources available in the Charles Thomas Clothing Closet.
A student looks through the clothing resources available in the Charles Thomas Clothing Closet.
Eli Roust

Located at the start of the 400 hallway of Free State, many students pass by the Charles Thomas Clothing Closet, but what’s the main reason that the clothing closet is there? Started in 2022 by security guard Demetrius “Dee” Kemp and continued by social workers like Ray Bennett, the Nest Request is a way that the staff of Free State can give away clothes, food, school supplies and more to students who are in need of them.

“I want kids to know that there’s a place where they’re able to find what they need,”

— Kemp said.

Before the Nest Request came to be, kids who needed clothes for things like job interviews, formal events, or just to have a new outfit would seek help from Kemp and he would then buy clothes for them to keep or borrow. This process went on for a long time until the clothes that were brought back became too much. Kemp started looking for a more effective way to deal with the growing collection of clothes and to properly help the students who were in need of clothing.

Additionally, Ray Bennett, a social worker who has also been looking for ways to help students, collaborated with Kemp to turn the Charles Thomas Clothing Closet into the main area for all the Nest Request’s belongings.

Bennett calls the Nest Request a “simplified shopping experience” since the clothing-based closet has turned into an area where you can get easy access to more things like personal hygiene products, food and supplies for school and work.

“A big part of my job is making sure students have what they need to succeed, that’s why we started supplying these things for students,” Bennett said.

The school community has been working together to donate all sorts of necessities to the Nest Request and spread the word to other students. Posters about the Nest Request are located around the school: in hallways, classrooms, social workers and counselors offices with QR codes.

All the social workers and staff involved in this project heavily encourage students to reach out whenever they need something or when they have the time to donate items.

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