Winter Sports Preview

amani safadi

The spreading cold of the winter season isn’t stopping winter sports from heating up. Memories of disappointing seasons past and hopes for a chance to reach state-level drive our athletes to improve. All of the sports begin on November 15, except for bowling which begins November 29, so come out if you’re interested.These sports are not only important to the people playing on the team,  but also extremely important to the lack of boredom for student fans.

Boys Basketball

All of the basketball players are excited for the start of the season so that they can play the sport they love.

“The reason I chose basketball for my main sport is because it’s a chance to have total freedom on the court and it’s a chance to show myself doing my best,” junior Georgi Funtarov said.

“Something that is going to be different this year than last year is that the team will hopefully be much faster, and shooting and controlling the ball better,” coach Chuck Law said.

The first basketball game is Dec. 7, at Topeka Seaman, and the team is excited to see their classmates cheering them on, so come out and support your favorite tall boys.

Girls Basketball
Returning players are expecting to have a pretty good season this year.

Something to look forward to this season is the performance addition of strong underclassmen.

“I think a lot of the sophomores will be key players. They came in as freshmen last year but they’re really going to get the hang of things this year, and there’s players like Kennedy Kirkpatrick, and Chelsea and Abbey Casady, so they will all be key players this season,” junior Jackie Garcia said.

“Some team changes will include the fact that last year the team was post-dominated and this year they will be more guard-oriented,” coach Bryan Duncan said. The first girls basketball game is Dec. 3. Show your true firebird colors and come cheer at the game.

The returning bowling teammates are pumped to get the season started.

“I’m looking forward to start bowling again with my buddy Justin, and take regional’s first place again,” senior Nick Conrad said.

Some challenges this year are going to include new rules, and new leadership set by this year’s seniors.

For most bowlers, bowling is more than just a sport, it’s a tradition.

“My family has always been into bowling, so I kind of fell into it and actually enjoyed the sport,“ senior Justin Walthall said.

The first bowling tournament is on Saturday, Jan. 8 at 8:00 am at Royal Crest Lanes, so be there and support, support, support.

Wrestlers are excited to see what the new players will be contributing to their team.
“Some important players returning this year are Chase Fraser, Jake Brown and Phillip Bradshaw. They were all pretty good from last year, and there’s also going to be a really good sophomore joining the team, Spencer Wilson,” senior Mitch McCune said.

Challenges this year include a new coach and seeing how practice will be different than last year, according to McCune.

The first wrestling match is on Saturday, Dec. 4 at Gardner- Edgerton at 9:00 am, so show your firebird spirit and watch the match.

Boys Swimming
The returning swimmers are excited to get into the water and start the season off right.
“I’m most excited to see and hang out with my teammates from last year and just having as good a season as last year,” sophomore Nick Becker said.
Most of the players on the team decided to swim because they either had a family member involved in the sport or they decided it would be a good challenge to try.
“My dad and friends always wanted me to try swimming, so I decided to go out for the team, and actually enjoyed it,” sophomore Kyle Freese said.
The first meet is here on Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 3:30, so try to be the first one on the bench.