Kenneth Palmer


hannah reussner, reporter

Kenneth Palmer is indisputably the single most genuinely kind person in the halls.

“Kindness is recognizing that everyone deserves kindness and respect even if they are not showing the best of themselves,” Sophomore Kenneth Palmer said.

Palmer has certainly demonstrated this kindness through his reputation for showing unconditional thoughtfulness toward everyone in our school.

“I feel like its just the natural way of being,” Palmer said.

Palmer has been in several situations that have shaped his demeanor.

Even though he does not frequently hang out with friends and doesn’t consider himself outgoing, Palmer makes everyone feel special in their own way. Staying after class to help clean up chemistry labs and holding the door open for people are only a small sampling of Palmer’s good deeds.

“It’s always better to… help build people up opposed to tearing them down,” Palmer said. “Try to be patient and try to make things better in all circumstances.”

Palmer doesn’t have one specific role model, but respects people instead. However, his mom has been “unfathomably patient” even through difficulty and he looks up to her because of that.

“Recognizing that these are people who aren’t any different from you [is important] and there is no reason to treat them differently,“ Palmer said.