Olivia Koh


Maria Carrasco, Social Media Editor

Olivia Koh seems to have friends everywhere, always waving and smiling in the halls.

Koh juggles a hectic schedule everyday with Chamber Choir, orchestra, StuCo, dancing, as well as volunteering with autistic students outside of school.


Her hard work and participation paid off; Koh recieved a full scholarship to the University of Detroit Mercy for pre-dentistry because of her dedication to the violin. Her dream is to travel to Africa to perform dentistry.


Koh also wants to help other ‘weird’ students express themselves.

“Being different is awesome, people have been bullied for that and I’ve been there too, and I really want to help them,” Koh said.


Koh attributes her hard work to being born in South Korea and having to juggle being bilingual and traveling to different schools. Koh always keeps her head up and displays a smile on her face despite these challenges. In fact, these obstacles have shaped her into a better person and overcoming them have been some of her greatest achievements.”


Koh’s biggest inspiration is her family, especially her mother and sister Grace.


“What makes me, me, is my sister Grace, she is a part of me” Koh said.


Koh reserves a special place in her heart for her family after they all moved back to South Korea, making her live by herself.


Koh’s hard work and individuality is the reason for her success.