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Asa Ortega


Asa Ortega is handy with an ink pen.

Aside from playing video games–some of which he recently sold to Game Guy for lunch money–Ortega is an avid comic book artist.

On December 11, 2006, Ortega began chronicling the adventures of Spike and Zinco. The two characters are fused animal-humans and experience the typical comic book action and adventure. Ortega won’t disclose the specifics of Spike and Zinco’s adventures.

“I keep them to myself,” Ortega said, “because I’m usually too shy to share them with people except my parents.”

Ortega has created 316 comics under the name “Mythic Comics Inc.” He eventually hopes to create 684 more comics to reach his goal of 1000 comics.

Since 2006, his characters have evolved.
“Mainly when a year passes, I kinda change his(Spike’s) clothing,” he said.

Ortega is equally passionate about outer space.

Theoretical physics is of particular interest to Ortega.

“…worm holes are a black hole and a white hole combined,” Ortega said. “A white hole spits out stuff and those combine and go and like actually time travel.”

Ortega speculates that time travel could technically be possible, but one would have to travel either out of or to the very center of the milky way.

He would also like to catch an Unidentified Flying Object. Ortega believes these objects originate in an area called “Zero,” located in the center of the United States.

“People get confused what I say about Zero,” he said. “…in the middle of Kansas and the United States it’s zero. Type it on Google Maps.”

UFOs could also come from other planets.

“I’m not saying Mars, because that’s cliche,” Ortega said. “Then they come from other planets that we don’t even know about.”

Back on earth, Ortega is working toward another personal goal: losing weight. He attributes his current weight to “all the stuff the school feeds us.” The new healthy plate initiatives have failed in his eyes.

“The hash browns are, of course, fried,” he said.” And ketchup adds a lot of that to it. And all the hamburgers they have and chicken strips [are unhealthy].

His solution: more salad.

“There should be like, ‘Just Salad Day.’” Currently, Ortega is on track to reach both his comic book and health goals.

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