Conner Thellman


hannah moran, copy editor

In the football stadium, in the barn, or on a desk, senior Connor Thellman is in a drumming state of mind.

“Really I think percussion is almost a way of thinking because it requires so much multitasking,” he said.

A dedicated snare player today, Thellman began playing a drum set in fourth grade because he knew early on that he wanted to be a part of drum line. He admires the mix of unique personalities that compose the group, whose job it is to give marching band the “extra bang” it needs.

The “band geek” stereotype has no place in drum line, especially when one member is in a locally renowned band.

“Books on Tape” was formed last year when senior Sam Boatright texted Thellman, asking him if he’d be interested in starting a band.

Boatright writes the music and Thellman provides drums and a venue.

Originally, Books on Tape wanted to play at the Bottleneck or Will Evans’ backyard, but after that fell through, the band simply decided to play in Thellman’s barn.

Christmas lights, fog machines and hay bales create a unique ambiance for the “Bands at the Barn” show, drawing about 150 people at the most recent event on April 5.

The music blends with the energy-charged atmosphere.

“It’s like, fun picking these adjectives,” Thellman said of the band’s music, “…It’s a little bit dance-y, like, dance-indie-alternative.”

Whether he’s playing in front of a crowd of football fans or a screaming, sweaty concert-goers, Thellman loves to play drums in any environment.