Logan Brown


photo courtesy: palmer, alfred t

by: hannah reussner, reporter

The week Logan Brown spent in Washington DC was far from a typical vacation. After an extensive application process, Brown was selected to be a participant in the 2013 Senate Youth Program. Brown, along with 103 other high school students from around the nation, received a scholarship plus a week in Washington DC.

“We had five course dining the entire time and we got to meet some of the top government officials,” Brown said.

They were given the chance to talk with and meet President Obama,Supreme Court Justice Kagan and many other senators.

“I really enjoyed meeting Justice Kagan,” Brown said.

The group of selected students were able to talk and ask her questions for nearly two hours.

“She is very humble and she is very funny and gives a lot of good anecdotes that I enjoyed listening to,” Brown said.

Meeting the President was equally incredible.

The program participants waited about an hour for Obama to arrive, but when he came, “[it] was just breathtaking.”

The President gave the Youth Senators advice, discussed bills he’d like to pass and spoke about his journey to the White House.

“It was an incredible and surreal experience.”