Mike Hill

sarah lieberman, reporter

Assistant Principal, Athletics Director and baseball coach Mike Hill has an influence on Free State that far outreaches his official titles. Hill handles discipline for a portion of students, is in charge of security, and oversees the social studies, physical education and custodial departments.

Athletic Director comes with endless responsibilities. Hill hires coaches, manages budgets, and makes sure all state regulations are maintained for all sports.

“I think anytime you’re in a position of managing people you run into problems, but… this is a great school with great kids, so you have to take that in context,” Hill said.

These problems include rumors of unfairness in discipline for athletes.  Hill acknowledges that while there are no arguments over athlete`’s discipline among the administration, there will always be discontent among the student body.

Hill is experienced in dealing with complaints though. His job places the task of saying “no” onto him.

“Any time you make a decision you’re going to have people who like it, and people who don’t like it,” Hill said. “…Occasionally the people who don’t like it will try and justify that by saying things that aren’t entirely accurate.”

Despite the strains of this occupation, Hill enjoys many aspects.

“It’s a people oriented job and I enjoy that part of it,” Hill said. “I also enjoy the notion that you come here everyday trying to help make the school a better place, and once you’ve been here for sixteen years it’s more than just a job, it’s kind of a home in some ways.”

Hill has been at Free State since it’s opening, and his contributions to the school are numerous and obvious.  Hill maintains individual goals that benefit the entire school.

“What I try to do when I go to work everyday is to be fair with people and make decisions that benefit the whole, and sometimes… when you view those decision through an individual person you may not see the big picture, but you hope to make the right decisions for the whole school.”