Peggy Nelson


sarah lieberman, reporter

It’s hard to find a title endearing enough to describe Peggy Nelson.  Her official jobs are facilitating the chinese learning lab and being a prevention specialist, but her effect on Free State has stretched far beyond that.

As part of her preventional specialist duties, Nelson works with FYI Leadership Club and National Honors Society.  She also works with classes that require distant contact through the learning lab.

Despite her numerous contributions, Nelson denies having a large influence at Free State.

“I think I influence the school just smiling down the hall,” Nelson said. “[it] makes people smile and feel good.”

Nelson is known for being widely popular among students.

“…[Ms. Nelson] realize[s] that everyone makes mistakes, but she can see past their mistakes and past the things that they’ve done,” Sophomore Tyler Darnall said. “Ms. Nelson has always been really nice to me.”

Nelson creates such strong bonds with her students by being actively engaged in school events. She makes an effort to go to activities in which her students are involved.

“I try to go see the kids in different sports and things they do,” Nelson said.

It’s not hard to see that Nelson truly cares about her students. Her level of kindness is remarkably genuine.

“Why am I so nice?” Nelson said. “Because I love [my students].  I just love them.”