REVIEW: The Eras Tour Movie

REVIEW: The Eras Tour Movie

Taylor Swift releases movie showcasing her “Era’s Tour”

After the record-breaking success of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, Swifties moved on from flooding stadiums to flooding movie theaters. The tour’s large-scale success resulted in ticket prices, averaging at $1,607 for resale, beyond the price range of most fans. To rectify this, The Eras Tour movie was filmed and edited to be a completely immersive experience, mimicking what it’s like to be at one of her shows. Going beyond any of Swift’s five previous tour films, The Eras Tour movie is her most ambitious and impressive project.

To capture the spectacle that was one of Taylor Swift’s concerts, so much technical work had to go into every shot. Filmed at SoFi Stadium over the course of three nights, 40 camera operators circled around the large stage, getting every angle. Throughout the movie, cuts are seamlessly made across the three nights, and despite how many cameras are in use, you will never see one caught on screen. The cameras were able to capture every moment of The Eras Tour, from shots of the whole 70,000 person stadium filled with energy and light to up close shots showcasing Swift’s expression during emotional ballads.

The visuals and details put into every song on the setlist give the viewer a million things to look at all throughout the show. In various songs like “22” and “Bejeweled,” Swift is followed by backup dancers performing choreography along with her. The stage itself adds to her performance with multiple rising platforms and a trap door she at one point jumps down. Stunning visual effects surround her with smoke, fire, and light being projected out of stage at different points during the show.

Despite all the flashy visuals, it never distracts from Taylor Swift herself. Over the course of the almost three hour performance, Swift never loses the attention of the audience. During The Eras Tour she is clearly in her element as she dances across every inch of the stage with well-trained stage presence. Even during her ten minute song, “All Too Well,” Swift’s emotional performance leaves the audience enraptured for every minute of it. 

With The Eras Tour, Taylor Swift is taking you on a journey going through all of her different albums. Dedicating herself to every era, unique costumes, choreography, and sets are made for each one. Because The Eras Tour is going through every album, it allows Taylor Swift to display all the emotional range of her discography, like when she transitions from “Tolerate It” one of her more tragic, melancholy ballads, to “Ready For It” one of her most intense pop hits.

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