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A recap on what has happened on The Bachelor so far
The Bachelor Season 28 Aired February 12.
The Bachelor Season 28 Aired February 12.

On Feb. 12, the first episode of The Bachelor Season 28, an infamous romance reality television show, aired. In the episode, the viewers got a little glimpse of every woman up for Joey Graziadei, our bachelor. So far, a total of 22 contestants have been sent home by Joey.

With reality television shows, you can always expect drama, but the producers did not hesitate this season. Right from episode one, problems were already brewing, starting with Jess, a woman who stole another woman’s one-on-one time with Graziadei. However, it did not stop there.

Then, in episode two, one of the women, Sydney, started drama by misinterpreting something that another woman, Maria, said. When Maria tried to stop the drama respectfully, Sydney started to over-dramatize everything, despite the conflict not being about her. Maria set the record straight with Madina, whom the drama was centered around. At that point, Sydney started telling Joey false accusations about Maria. However, Sydney was soon sent home by Joey.

When you think that’s all, another seemingly innocent contestant started calling others “fake” because they congratulated Maria on not going home. So far, Maria is being targeted by the catty women. That drama is still being pursued throughout the season.

I love Maria. She is completely unproblematic and is the opposite of what she seems to be. On the outside, she looks tough and rude. She is actually sensitive, both to herself and to others. She consistently says “Let’s just move forward,” in response to drama, but is she the one for Joey?

I am rooting for Daisy. Daisy is just a sweet little thing who is more humble and reserved. Of course, she wants Joey, but she is taking her time and letting it happen. Daisy is a fan favorite, and many are rooting for her.

I would give the season nine out of ten so far. The one point off is for the drama. It isn’t that interesting, it is just tiring. I would rather have something more “juicy” instead of just going in circles about the same thing.

Still, I choose to watch it. It is definitely worth part of your Monday’s.

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