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Shopping Second-hand

Vintage Dress

sarah rohrschneider, reporter

September 7, 2011

Rummaging through hundreds of pieces of clothing can be a pain. Looking for a simple t-shirt quickly turns into a chaotic two-hour ordeal of trying on colorful flannels and jeans that end up back on the shelves in no time. But the real disappointment comes when shoppers find an outfit they really like, glance at the price tag and have to put it back o...

Rumors & Renovations

hannah moran and kyle freese, Reporters

August 29, 2011

Getting a simple slice of pizza has never been so challenging. Despite modifications made to the cafeteria, enormous lunch lines greeted hungry students on their first day of school. Some students spent as long as ten minutes of their precious lunch period waiting in line. Even outside the cafeteria, ho...

LINKed in for the new year

emma machell, social media editor

August 26, 2011

In past years, the sophomores would be greeted by a welcoming committee of specially chosen juniors and seniors in a group called LINK. The new students would be taken to their seminar teacher’s classroom and would participate in a number of activities that would help them make new friends and overcome...

Top 40 Things to do Before You Graduate

allison harwood, copy editor

August 26, 2011

Seniors 2012: welcome to the last year of your childhood. Here’s 40 things to do to make sure you live it up. 1. Chill out, it’s senior year. 2. Befriend someone you’ve gone to school with for years but have never actually gotten to know. 3. Try something in the cafeteria that you’ve never h...

The young ones

sarah whipple, reporter

August 22, 2011

A sophomore’s survival guide to being at the bottom Admit it. Juniors, seniors and even some of the bigger sophomores frighten you. A brand new school crammed with 1000-plus students intimidates you. And the beginning of a transcript that could make or break your future keeps you up at night. But...

Football for freshmen: an etiquette guide for students who have not yet attended a football game

Football for freshmen: an etiquette guide for students who have not yet attended a football game

katie guyot, copy editor

August 22, 2011

Nothing shouts, “Go! Fight! Win!” like chilly night air, a rumbling stomach and a football stadium so packed it could win a world record--but that doesn’t mean a hot dog, a blanket and a front-row seat couldn’t make those cheers a little louder. For players, the outcome of the game depends on p...



ryan loecker, co-editor in chief

August 19, 2011

Over the summer I made sure to keep my eye out for interesting experiences I could include in my column. While downtown, a sign for Ad Astra Acupuncture caught my interest. For those who aren’t aware, acupuncture is basically the use of needles to poke pressure points in an attempt to alleviate pa...

How to Survive High School 101

emma machell

May 26, 2011

Every student has been there; new school, new teachers, new everything.  Life at high school would have been so much better if there had just been a guide to help, a Virgil to teenage Dante if you get my drift. The staff of the Free Press has come together to create a high school survival guide to help...

High School Advice

miranda davis

May 26, 2011

The best advice I can give to incoming high schoolers is to get involved. Take classes that will challenge you and that you are passionate about. If you like math and science, take harder math and science classes. Pursue what you want to, not what your junior high friends are doing. I made my closest...

The Free Press Guide to the Hallway’s

miranda davis

May 26, 2011

Upper Left Classes in this hallway: math and science This hallway is full of future engineers and rocket scientists. It is known to have a distinct smell after an experiment conducted by the chemistry classes has gone awry or a particularly nasty animal dissection by the AP Biology students. This...

Katherine Corliss: Senior Column

Katherine Corliss

May 26, 2011

Next year I will be attending Baylor University with zero of my current classmates (although Mitch Todd is going there too, if any of you guys remember him). I’ll be in the land of Chick Fil-a cowboy hats and “y’all”. I could not be more excited; however, I decided to bring on the nostalgia to than...

Shadow for a Day: Hilary Morton

May 26, 2011

Like many Free State students, I’m quite involved in school activities. However, choir is not of them. This makes me a minority at this school. When I chose to shadow Hilary Morton, the choir director, all I knew about choir at Free State was that it was demanding but rewarding. After a day sp...

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