Top 40 Things to do Before You Graduate

allison harwood, copy editor

Seniors 2012: welcome to the last year of your childhood. Here’s 40 things to do to make sure you live it up.

1. Chill out, it’s senior year.
2. Befriend someone you’ve gone to school with for years but have never actually gotten to know.
3. Try something in the cafeteria that you’ve never had before. It might be delicious. Probably not, but maybe.
4. Join a random club, such as Yoga Club, and actually go to some of the meetings.
5. Take an elective second semester that you’ve never taken before.
6. Attend at least one home game of every sport.
7. Take pride in your school. Aka, wear green, and a lot of it.
8. Treasure small things, like school assemblies. This is the last time you get to experience them.
9. Focus on the future, but not too much. You don’t want to look back and realize you wished senior year away.
10. Constantly take pictures.
11. Participate in activities like Homecoming Week and Spirit Week.
12. Go to a Free State vs. LHS game. Better yet, all of them.
13. Let old grudges go.
14. Read the entire “Harry Potter” series, because it’s awesome.
15. Go to a bowling tournament.
16. Get a hug from Freddie. That’s our mascot, by the way.
17. Return your old library books; you can’t graduate if you don’t.
18. Go on top of the roof.
19. Go to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at Liberty Hall.
20. Go to a concert at the Granada, or the “Granasty,” as Sam Boatright would say.
21. Slide down the banister, and don’t think about the consequences.
22. Take an IPS class.
23. Dress up as Mr. Rabiola for a week. Birks, khakis and a button down are all you need.
24. Take a spin in the two seat bike.
25. Bedazzle a denim jacket so you can match Ryan Loecker.
26. Try every smoothie at Juice Stop, but not at once.
27. Eat frozen yogurt directly from the dispenser at Orange Leaf.
28. Girls: wear boys’ boxers to school. Preferably Superman ones.
29. Wear a spandex body suit to school or a sporting event.
30. Shake Mr. West’s hand. He’s the man.
31. Leave a note for a future student in a library book.
32. Write a love poem on a bathroom stall. Believe me, people will read it.
33. Start a food fight, just not on chili day.
34. Go out for a new sport.
35. Accumulate a collection of lunch trays without anyone noticing.
36. Ride a bike to school in the snow.
37. Plank on the Firebird.
38. Write a letter to the editors of the Free Press.
39. Do doughnuts in the parking lot.
40. Tweet at @fsfreepress with the hashtag #fptop40 with a suggestion for the top 10 or 40 list.