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Drew Finnelly: the man behind @LawrenceKS_PD

Finnelly keeps an eye on the @LawrenceKS_PD twitter feed while working. The account had over 35,000 followers.

Jackson Barton, Editor in Chief

July 29, 2017

Just because Lawrence Police Department’s Drew Finnelly holds the title “Public Relations Officer” does not discredit the fact that he’s a cop. He spent the first five years of his career on patrol, still holsters a Glock and dons the uniform, most of the time. On July 8, Finnelly showed up...

Pie perspective

Pie perspective

Jackson Barton, Editor in Chief

June 14, 2017

The carolina blue doorway of Ladybird Diner lolls open on a relatively sleepy Tuesday afternoon. Kianti Vann, going about her third week as a waitress for the restaurant, collects the peculiar salt and pepper shakers from the patio before the diner closes for the day. The joint’s owner Meg Herifor...

New club focuses on equity, student action

Junior Nicole Ahn, junior Juliana Wilches-Merchan, senior Abena Peasah, senior Lane Weis, senior Meredith Shaheed and senior Ella Spillman listen to club captains during the first meeting.

Darby Gilliland and Jackson Barton

April 14, 2017

Despite being in her last quarter of high school, senior Sonal Soni refuses to ignore injustices she witnessed at Free State. “I faced a lot of harassment, bullying,” Soni said. “It all culminated last semester, but it’s been prevalent throughout my high school career. I was really fed u...

Tattoo Stigma Transformed

Dorian Vance displays his tattoo.

Jake Clark, Reporter

January 31, 2017

Holding a needle over a flame to sterilize it, freshman Beatrice VonHolten prepares to give herself a stick and poke tattoo. As a seventh grader, she received opposition from her father, but VonHolten decided to do it anyway. “I’m really into trying new art forms as much as possible,” VonHolten...

Dungeons and Dragons Club provides creative escape

Filling out his custom character sheet, junior Max Coleman discusses strategy with his team mates.

Chris Pendry, Reporter

January 19, 2017

After rolling a two out of twenty for intelligence, freshman Greta Hayden was understandably disappointed. Ten hours later, Hayden and her group are deep into their game, or “campaign,” of the role-playing game, “Dungeons & Dragons." A haunted forest, a magical kingdom or anywhere in a fantas...

Illegal focus stimulants common during finals

Undiagnosed students typically acquire focus stimulants from their friends.

Jackson Barton, Online Editor in Chief

January 5, 2017

Late nights, constant anxiety and review material are all commonplace in student life during the closing days of every semester. Adderall, one of the most commonly prescribed treatment for students with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), is infamous for its black market presence on high school and university...

Editor reviews the costs of graduating high school

Gowns sit on a hanger in the Black Box. Seniors can avoid additional fees by using their siblings garments.

Darby Gilliland, Copy Editor

November 9, 2016

Parents watch with tearful eyes as their child shakes the principal’s hand, takes their diploma and flips their tassel over their cap. Graduation tends to be an emotional day for students and their families, but once the excitement of the ceremony fades, the worry begins again. Many students spend...

‘Our Scene’ invites underrepresented youth to safely engage in music community

'Our Scene' hopes to incorporate 'buddies' into the Lawrence music community and provide a sense of security for individuals in need at events.

Sam Spencer, Online Editor-in-Chief

October 12, 2016

For the first time, the trend of of aggressive male audience members is facing an organized opposition in the form of a LGBTQ+ advocating, minority inclusive, safe space supporting group, 'Our Scene'.

Art installation describes students in one word

Senior Isabelle Krones displays their word,

Maya Hodison, Online Editor

October 4, 2016

As junior Kade Traffas and senior Kalena Nichol sat in their second hour class one late August morning, they tuned into their AP Biology teacher. Little did they know, they would soon be asked to do something that would get their brains turning even more than a lesson on macromolecules would. Two or t...

Pokemon GO catches attention of students, community

Pokemon GO players plan trips downtown to catch pocket monsters and battle other trainers. “There were groups of fifty people at each intersection at 3 a.m. after the bars let out,

Jackson Barton, Online Editor-in-Chief

September 7, 2016

Over the summer, the nation was suddenly engulfed by the largest “Pokémania” since 1999. The international phenomena to “catch ‘em all” reached students and teachers alike.

Robotics Team Exceeds Expectations

A battery-powered bot assembled by Robotics Team. The team scored second in the regional tournament.

Maame Britwum, Online Editor

April 28, 2016

The Free State Robotics Team persevered through a tough start and placed second at the regional tournament

Reminiscing about past brings back elementary, middle school memories

Sydney Gard and Trenna Soderling

March 29, 2016

On the playground of Deerfield Elementary School, a third grader stood dressed in knee high socks and a tutu. After surveying the scene, she noticed a fellow classmate and decided to bite her. From that point on, current sophomores Haley Wolcott and Grace Raney were best friends. “S...

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